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this tumblr is for the rp site left me speechless. we are a no word count, real life site focused on character development and interactions. founded in 1863 by four wealthy families, this small town began as a country club for the rich and elite of new york city and surrounding areas. at the turn of the century, it blossomed into the quaint town it is today. come find out more about the lives and loves of the people in our little town... you'll have fun, we promise.

left me speechless

Faces We’d Love to See - ladies who make us laugh

Melissa McCarthy » 42

Leslie Mann » 41

Kristin Chenoweth » 44

Mindy Kaling » 33

Queen Latifah » 43

Margaret Cho » 44

Sidenote, last week’s photo sets are coming! Feel free to continue to submit; the theme is a hobby of your character’s.

Faces We’d Love to See - african american men

Michael Ealy » 39

Tristan Wilds » 23

Don Cheadle » 48

Jamie Foxx » 45

Terrence Howard » 44

Mehcad Brooks » 32

Faces We’d Love to See - redheaded women in their thirties

Jayma Mays » 33

Isla Fisher » 37

Rachelle Lefevre » 34

Kelly Reilly » 35

Bryce Dallas Howard » 31

Christina Hendricks » 38

weekly theme for may 6

this week’s photo set theme is: one of your character’s hobbies

submissions close saturday, may 11 at 1 pm est.

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Weekly Theme (April 29) - The First Thing Your Character Would Buy if They Won the Lottery

Addie Pritchard » A whale

Hanna Clarke » A pair of bright red stilettos

Leila Steele » Hot boyfriend… or a music agent (or both!)

Luna Corbett » Cancer Foundation… and a big hat

Rose Sinclair » A farm for rescue dogs

Weekly Theme (April 1 Yikes!) - Your Character’s Car Part III

Noel Hendrix » 2008 Gecko Green VW Beetle

Samson Godfrey » 2004 Black Dodge Ram 1500

Sawyer Ford » 2010 Blue Ford F150 Lariat SuperCrew 4x4

Valerie Hamilton » 2009 Blue Toyota Yaris

That’s it for the car theme! We only had a few submissions for the lottery winnings theme, so I’ll go ahead and do those and announce next week’s theme. Submit, guys, submit!

Weekly Theme (April 1 Yikes!) - Your Character’s Car Part II

Joshua Morison » 2008 Black Ford Escape

Michael Marchetti » 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8

Natasha Wilde » 2012 Yellow BMW Z4

Neal Hamilton » 2010 Red Chrysler 300s

Weekly Theme (April 1 Yikes!) - Your Character’s Car Part I

Brandon Lowell » Yamaha V Star

Catarina Davenport » 2009 Land Rover LR2

Christophe Reynolds » 2010 Silver Lexus ES

Hunter James » 2010 Red Nissan Pathfinder

weekly theme for april 29

this week’s photo set theme is: the first thing your character would buy if they won the lottery

submissions close saturday, may 4 at 11 am est.

brownie points to nyke for once again suggesting the theme for the week. cori also had some great suggestions which will be debuting next week!

Weekly Theme (March 18) - Favorite Music Part XIV

Ethan Hearst » Justin Timberlake

Noel Hendrix » Lily Allen

Lindsey Hendrix » Maroon 5

Sean Bradley » Neon Trees

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